furniture makeover that I cannot take credit for

well, I can take credit for the colour schemes…

When we moved into our flat earlier this year, we gained a good sized kitchen diner – and I say good sized because it is for a one bed flat and most certainly an improvement on our last flat. I refer to a 1970s galley kitchen which had been reduced in size to allow for a bathroom at the time of conversion – we all start somewhere. This was very exciting as interior design and decoration is important to us, something we do on a minuscule budget as I’ve just graduated and boyfriend is still a student. This brings me to our DIY furniture project, a huge success and I love both pieces just as much, nearly a year later.

Firstly, our landlord was about to take the old shelf (below) previously found in the bathroom to the dump having fitted a new bathroom. I swiftly requested he left it as we always need storage and I thought it would be easy to spruce up. Secondly, my Mum asked if we wanted a table and benches and by that she meant the set my parents bought in 1973 when they bought their first house. Consequently, our family of 6 sat round it right up until the mid 1990s when it went into hiding for a while and came back out for my sister and her ever growing family around 2004. Needless to say we were thrilled and immediately saw the potential of the set and accepted right away.

Attempting some colour and familiarity on our first day in the flat, shelves in original condition still.


Table, benches and first meal in flat.


First coat for the shelves using Dulux Acrylic Eggshell.


Adding some ‘worn’ touches by scraping the paint with our finger nails.


The finished article! Love it!


The table with legs painted in the same acrylic eggshell, with oilcloth stapled to the underside of the table. (N.b. if you are feeling rich then by all means, skip off to Cath Kidston and purchase your oilcloth but we opted for a polka dot imitation from our local haberdashery shop!)


Waiting for the benches to catch up.


We had some oil cloth left over which we used to cover our old stained Cath Kidston place mats.


And relax! Quite nice for a cheap project don’t you think?


And my favourite…. If you hate floral, look away now.


I now need to stress that the hands on element of this job was totally boyfriend’s work and he did a fantastic job. Finally, I would add, if you want something like this then you will pay an arm and a leg if you buy it already refurbished/modified, so go and source some tatty furniture, paint and oilcloth!

Post by Lizzi