happy belated easter, oh and new year

I’d hate for you to think this blog was normal, conventional, adhered to blog etiquette, was updated regularly, that sort of thing. Thanks to a lack of creativity born most likely out of inclement weather and being on a computer all day at work, we haven’t logged in for a while. Hopefully this post is the start of some more regular blogging – it is sometimes a hurdle to keep thinking of blog content.
First things first – happy belated easter.


Lately, we’ve had a change of diet which I would like to share. We aren’t 100% on board, we can’t be and never will be but during the week and weekends at home we try to be as primal as possible in our diets. We try to eat fruit, veg, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds, and dairy (full fat produce where possible). You can be as primal as you wish, we aren’t mega strict – many wouldn’t dream of eating dairy! And the results: weight loss, increased energy levels mid afternoon, a more expensive food bill and the satisfaction that we are giving ourselves the best foods available. Essentially, we don’t bulk out our diets with cheap carbs.

So what do we eat now?
Cod baked in flaked almonds and parmesan


Goats cheesed stuffed mushrooms


Salads with various meat or fish


Rhubarb and honey crumble (flaked almonds, coconut flour, desiccated coconut and butter for topping)


And things we’ve tried that are vile: kelp chips


Basically folks, lose the sugar and grains during the week, and processed foods at all times and you’ll reap the benefits. It hasn’t been much of a battle but does require you to plan ahead – convenience foods are a no go! More tried and tested recipes coming soon… Bye for now!

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fruity vodka

I’m not sure if I ever intimated that this isn’t a ‘how to’ blog but rather a ‘look what we did – feel free to do the same and learn from our mistakes’ blog. And here is a great example…

Last Christmas I was given some sloe vodka by a dear friend and it was delicious. Even my mother drank it. On that note, I decided to create a few different flavoured vodkas for Christmas this year, sloes being top of my list. For those of you who partake in ‘sloe activities’ I don’t need to tell you that there simply haven’t been any the year, at least not in Hampshire. The two wet idiots in a field in Romsey one lunchtime last month? That was my boss and I. We came back to the office ‘sloeless’, albeit with about 20 blackberries.

I decided to buy some raspberries and blueberries to bulk out my fruit stock and made a blackberry and raspberry vodka and also a blueberry vodka. My method? Trial and error. You can see from the pictures how much fruit I added to just short of a litre of vodka and added some sugar. I have been adding about 50g sugar a week per bottle. They have been sat for just over a month now, I’ll keep you posted on the flavour. Fingers crossed…








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