grain and cane free brownies

I’ve been putting more and more time into creating dishes that are grain and cane sugar free. There are a few reasons for this – obviously the health benefits, but equally because of the challenge and the notion of a hobby that comes with it. And – the thought of being able to eat a sweet treat and not feel so guilty always appeals, agreed? I’ve made some revolting things in the last 9 months (coconut flour is heinous) but these brownies were really something to write home about…

In a food processor, I added: 150ml of agave nectar (I’ve seen this in Aldi and in health shops), 1 egg, vanilla essence, 1 table spoon of cocoa powder (adjust if you like it stronger), 1 jar of cashew nut butter as pictured (almond would probably work too), a handful of chopped hazelnuts and a teaspoon of baking powder. Whizz that bad boy up and transfer to a lined oven/baking tray.

I cooked them for about 30 minutes on 150c. Adjust accordingly for how good (or rubbish!) your oven is!
Here are a few of the items I used to look out for:

Enjoy – and don’t fall into the trap of thinking agave nectar is sugar free and eating the entire batch in one sitting… It’s still packed with sugar! 🙂


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