that week between christmas and new year

…is a week of finding new homes for all the gifts received (thank you everyone!), rubbing your expanded waistline and wondering why you thought it was ok to gorge yourself from the 24th – 26th of December and of course start (mentally) deciding what you want to achieve in the coming year either by introducing or omitting certain factors from your life.

Therefore, I’m currently sat browsing various foodie blogs looking for new recipes to try – sweet potato breakfast casserole, anyone? (It look delicious, seriously!) Then I shall throw out some clothes, take the (many, many) empty glass bottles to the bottle bank, and think about taking that beloved tree down.

That tree:


Those bottles, from that party:


I need to source a sewing machine in 2013 too, to keep me occupied as boyfriend writes his dissertation, which should hopefully give me some more blogging material for the new year. Thank you for all taking time to read our blog. We have had 501 views which I cannot believe… I hoped for 50!!

Happy new year!

Post by Lizzi


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