life in Somerset

I thought I’d share with you some of my thoughts about life in Somerset.

I moved to Somerset back in October last year. Less than 6 weeks previous to moving, I had been living and working in Australia (latterly in Perth) so you imagine the small anti-climax Bridgwater proved to be. Needless to say, it took me a while appreciate my new surroundings. To the newcomer, Somerset seems to have little more to offer than cider. It is far enough west to be inconveniently isolated, but not far enough to be considered a desirable holiday destination like its superior neighbour Devon. Bridgwater itself could be a picturesque old town but unfortunately my best description would be ‘like Andover’. My first residence was on a dreary modern housing estate, where all the houses were identical and the roads crammed full of cars. The traffic was horrendous and it rained everyday. I don’t even need to mention my pervy Landlord. Are you getting the picture? It wasn’t love at first sight.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. As soon as I ventured to the Quantocks, I realised how beautiful Somerset can be. On a glorious autumnal Saturday morning, I took the A39 west out of Bridgwater not knowing exactly where I heading. Suddenly the landscape transformed into lush rolling hills, open fields and cute old villages. I stopped at a village shop and asked for some nice walks in the area and the old lady pointed me in the direction of Kilve beach. 5 minutes later, I was parked up, and with ordance survey app in hand, I headed off to explore.

Since my first adventure to the east Somerset coast, I have been keen find out what else the area has to offer. Here is a glimpse of what’s on offer…

(n.b. WordPress has a ridiculously bad and hard to format layout. So where headers and photos are oddly placed around the page, believe me, it’s not for want of trying…)

Kilve (Nov ’11)


Sunset at Burnham-on-Sea Beach (Nov ’11)


Cheddar Gorge (Dec ’11)




(These photos do not do Cheddar justice – it was a cold wet day!)

The Mendips (Dec ’11)


Glastonbury (Jan ’12 and Aug ’12)



Cothelstone Hill (Oct ’12)


Dunster and Porklock Weir (Sept’ 12 and Oct ’12)




Bagborough to Triscombe (Quantocks) (Oct ’12)


Near Dead Woman’s Ditch (Quantocks) (Nov ’12)



So I hope you get the gist. Somerset is beautiful – and definitely worth a visit (as am I?). And not many people seem to know that (this sentence is meant to refer to the fact that you should now know that Somerset is worth visiting. You should already know that I am worth visiting*). (I digress) Unlike Devon and Cornwall, the cute villages remain relatively undiscovered. The Quantock hills can get busy on a sunny Sunday, but it’s nice to see people enjoying the countryside. The cider is cheap, and the sun does shine. Just don’t visit us this weekend

*Incase you were unaware, I now live in Taunton. It’s much nicer. No pervy landlord.

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