fruity vodka

I’m not sure if I ever intimated that this isn’t a ‘how to’ blog but rather a ‘look what we did – feel free to do the same and learn from our mistakes’ blog. And here is a great example…

Last Christmas I was given some sloe vodka by a dear friend and it was delicious. Even my mother drank it. On that note, I decided to create a few different flavoured vodkas for Christmas this year, sloes being top of my list. For those of you who partake in ‘sloe activities’ I don’t need to tell you that there simply haven’t been any the year, at least not in Hampshire. The two wet idiots in a field in Romsey one lunchtime last month? That was my boss and I. We came back to the office ‘sloeless’, albeit with about 20 blackberries.

I decided to buy some raspberries and blueberries to bulk out my fruit stock and made a blackberry and raspberry vodka and also a blueberry vodka. My method? Trial and error. You can see from the pictures how much fruit I added to just short of a litre of vodka and added some sugar. I have been adding about 50g sugar a week per bottle. They have been sat for just over a month now, I’ll keep you posted on the flavour. Fingers crossed…








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