making the most of your pumpkin

In the last week I have been delighted by just how much my £1.49 pumpkin has contributed to our evening meals – not to mention the amusement in carving it and latterly peeling it to death (bit sinister, sorry).




After lovingly carving a smiley face into it, I used the hollowed out innards and set to work cooking pumpkin, halloumi and chilli omelettes. These were fairly easy, I just cubed and fried the 3 aforementioned ingredients until soft and then poured over a mixture of eggs, milk and butter. I served mine with rocket and sundries tomatoes.



Using the stringier product from the pumpkin, I made a stew using chicken and herb stock, a bay leaf and I added the pumpkin seeds to flavour them. I simmered this for a while, then removed the pumpkin seeds and put them on a baking tray and into the oven at about 150 degrees for 10 minutes . Meanwhile, I added Sainsbury’s country vegetable mix (lentils, pulses, split peas etc..) and cooked for a further 45 minutes, stirring in a lump of blue cheese to serve. The end results was a delicious pumpkin and blue cheese stew and a pile of crunchy seeds to snack on.



After a few days of our happy illuminated pumpkin staring back at us from the kitchen table, I decided it was time to have our final batch of ingredients from him and then say goodbye. The inside had started to go mouldy through not being in the fridge and having tea lights inside so I thought I would shave the outside using a vegetable peeler. This resulted in (and I felt quite sadistic at times) a skinned pumpkin and a pile of pumpkin noodles/string pieces. I used these to make a pumpkin, spinach and mozzarella lasagne this evening which was delicious but of course not to the taste of the meat needy boyfriend. (You can’t please everyone, I say)


I had more than enough pumpkin for the lasagne and used the rest with some chicken stock, spinach, garlic, paprika and nutmeg to make some soup which will do nicely for lunch tomorrow.


So long pumpkin and thank you for the wealth of ingredients you gave us.





Post by Lizzi


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