this weekend? cakes.

I have spent the majority of time in the kitchen at various houses catering for a baby shower for a dear heavily pregnant friend and afternoon tea and birthday cake for Mother and older sister this weekend. I must add however, that I have not operated alone and owe big thanks to friends for all pulling together to put on such a spread for the shower. Both events were a success, with the odd miniature disaster here and there such as burnt shortbread, forgetting to pack the blade for the breadmaker and horrendous traffic to and from the supermarket on the morning of the shower. Feast your eyes on this calorific banquet (the theme was autumn) and think of me out running and eating salad this week. Who am I kidding…?

Wholemeal bread dough

Wholemeal bread rolls ready for the oven

A congregation of homewares waiting patiently to be arranged

Ginger muffins. To ice or not to ice?

I decided to just dust them and add the cardboard toppers

No table would be complete…

…without flowers!

Presents for the expectant one.

Carrot cupcakes with butter icing and white chocolate carrot toppers

Those bread rolls!


Carrot cupcakes, rusks (couldn’t resist), wholemeal breadrolls and tiger bread with pâté, a pastry covered marzipan ring, salted popcorn, ginger muffins and out of sight: Ali’s salmon and watercress quiche.

And there we have it, the autumnal baby shower.

For the birthday cake the next day I tried Lorraine Pascale’s chocolate malteaser cake. Sickly 🙂

Post by Lizzi


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