fruits of our efforts

Our journey into growing veg for the first time began back in March when we set about weeding the vegetable plot at the end of the garden. Not knowing where to start (despite me having green-fingered parents) stalled the project somewhat. It wasn’t until a free truck load of wood appeared in the garden, that the idea to build some more manageable (and pretty!) vegetable boxes, that the project really took off.

These boxes turned out to be a great success. Not only are they reasonably aesthetic (I think!) but they protect your veg a little better from the critters that might take a fancy to what your growing in the veggie patch.

As with most projects, you learn from your mistakes. Our mistakes: to underestimate the consuming power of the caterpillar; to underestimate the growing power of the courgette plant. Both points are nicely illustrated in the photo above…

However, it wasn’t all bad news. The late-planted beetroot did exceptionally well, as did the lettuces, and the tomatoes weren’t too bad, once they eventually ripened.

Most important lessened learned – the more you plant, the more you harvest. And stagger planting, unless you want all your veg at once. Next year we intend to grow a lot more, starting earlier and and now we have a feel for how the different veggies grow, we might have a bit more success!

Here are a few more pics of our home grown delights…

Post by Ali


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